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Lead Ropes & Longe Lines

Lead article

Note: Rope & leather prices have increased drastically this year. As such, product prices have also had to increase. Torn between going with lesser rope to keep prices down, I opted to pay more for the same, quality rope that has become the NHS trademark.

We use the finest marine grade rope we can find so that you have the greatest tools possible for natural horsemanship training. All leads and longe lines can be customized to fit your needs. Just ask.

One of the best selling, most popular style of lead and longe lines is the premium lead because you can choose to use a snap with this lead (scroll to the bottom of this page to see that application) or tie it directly to the halter: Directions Here This style lead does not leave an empty rope loop for attaching a snap so it will last for years. If your snap breaks, you can attach a new one without losing your entire rope. Snaps are sold separately HERE for the premium leads and longes.

All leads and longes available in three colors, Black, Tan and White/blue tracer.

Premium Lead Rope $32.00-$34.00

Choose Rope Color and Length

22' Premium Longe

Choose Color



These lead ropes and longe lines are distinguished from other leads and longes by the spliced on snap. The snap is solid brass with a swivel catch mechanism that is strong but designed to break under panic. Please note: If the snap breaks, your lead rope cannot be repaired. See premium lead option above to overcome this issue.

12' & 14' X 1/2" NHS Horseman Lead Rope $39.00 - $41.00
Choose Rope Color and Size

22' NHS Horseman Longe Line $52.00
Choose Color


Old Fashion Lead or Longe

Made of the same, high quality marine rope, these leads and longes are meant to lighten the load if you find the twist brass snap too heavy and cumbersome.

The snap is solid brass and only 3½" long which is big enough for ease of clipping on to your halter but stays light enough to not interrupt feel during use. Sometimes, less is more.

Please note: if the snap breaks, your lead rope cannot be repaired. But, unlike the brass barrel snap, bull snap and large NP snap, the ring is not large enough on this snap to attach a premium lead to it.

NHS Old Fashion Lead $35.50 -$37.50

Choose Rope Color and Size

NHS Old Fashion 22' Longe $49.50

Choose Color


Based on the NHS Horsemanship longe line, this new lead offers an alternative to a spliced on snap with a double ended regular slide snap that measures approx. 4" long. This is a cross between the horseman, the old fashion and the horsemanship designs. Available in both solid brass and nickel plate on either Black, Tan or White/blue tracer rope (see above leads and longes for color selection). The rope has a 1¼" ring spliced on. The double ended snap attaches to the ring. If it breaks, you will not lose your entire lead since these snaps can be found in any hardware store for replacement. The snaps and ring make for a fairly light weight attachment for those who don't like the weight of the barrel snaps. It's not likely to have the ring break.

Double end snap lead $36.50-$38.50

Choose Rope Color and Size
Choose Snap & Ring

22' NHS Horsemanship Longe Line

This style of longe line is popular with many Natural Horsemanship trainers and clinicians.

This style uses a 2"-2¼" inch ring spliced onto the end with a heavy duty caribiner clip attached.

The splices are all carefully hand sewn for extra strength and durability.

22' NHS Horsemanship Longe Line available in Black, Tan and White/blue tracer (see above leads and longes for color selection).

22' NHS Horsemanship Longe Line $48.50

Choose Color


This is how the Premium Lead looks when attached to a snap. The bigger the eye, the better the attachment. The snaps that work well for this can be found HERE













There is some risk involved in horse training for both you and the horse. Horses can cause serious injury. Be sensible and don’t attempt anything that is outside your comfort level. This information is intended to illustrate how we apply our training techniques, you are responsible for using this information wisely. If you don’t feel comfortable with your abilities or an exercise, don’t do it! Seek advice or assistance from a professional horse trainer. Stay on the "high side of trouble".

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